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One of the school program in Syafana-Graha Raya is Excursion, the goal of the event was showing students much about outside school areas to enrich their knowledge. Playgroup students they went to fish shop related to their theme in.....read more

Alhamdulillah, all student of Kindergarten 1 (K1) already have excursion in Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan, Teraskota-BSD. The excursion of K1 divided into two groups, the first group consists of K1 Ar-Razi and K1 Al-Biruni on.....read more

Al-Biruni presented a very interesting performance on October 11th,2013, with the theme “What We Want to Be.” It showed some occupations such as; police, doctor, teacher, and also Moslem top model. The children wore....read more

Alhamdulillah, K1 Ar-razi has performed its assembly successfully on October 11th, 2013. The theme was “Friendship Forever.” It was a wonderful performance including acting, singing, and dancing. It began with some kids....read more

In implementing the concept of Tarakanita, or multiple intelligences, Syafana ensures that students not only form their intelligences in academics. Their talents also have to be developed. At Tarakanita School there ....read more

On Tuesday (10/9) Syafana Islamic School Paradiso was honored to be the host of an event organized by Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Tangerang (Department of Education) in collaboration with Badan Akreditasi Sekolah/Madrasah....read more

On Tuesday, the 10th of September 2013, Syafana Islamic School (Paradiso campus) held “Entrepreneurship Day” with the theme “Smart Students, Great Leaders, Brilliant Entrepreneurs.” Alhamdulillah this event ran successfully....read more
November 2013
Paradiso Campus - Primary
5 : Islamic New Year 1435 H
8 : Swimming III Primary 1 (a,b,c)
11 : Assembly Primary 6 (a,b)
12 : Swimming III Primary 1 (d,e,f)
12 : Assembly Primary 5 (a,b,c)
13 : Swimming III Primary 2 (a,b,c)

Paradiso Campus - Secondary
05 : Islamic New Year 1435 H
12 : Assembly G7 and G8

Gading Campus
05 : Islamic New Year 1435 H
06 : Muharram 1435 H Event
12 : Excursion Kindergarten 2

Graha Campus
05 : Islamic New Year 1435 H
13 : Entrepreneur Day
27 : Field Trip I

PTA Info : October 2013
Paradiso Campus
09 : Pengajian
11 : Smart Heart (ESQ Anak)
23 : Pengajian
29 : Seminar Parenting
Jakarta, Indonesia